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Soal Jawaban PTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 Semester 2 Kurikulum 2013

Semoga kita semua dalam lindungan Allah SWT. Amin. Mohon ijin berbagi informasi:
  1. Untuk melihat Bacaan Al-Qur'an KLIK... TULISAN BIRU INI.
  2. Untuk melihat Kegiatan Relegius KLIK... TULISAN BIRU INI.
  3. Untuk melihat Lagu Lagu Nasioanal KLIK... TULISAN BIRU INI.
  4. Untuk melihat Informasi KLIK... TULISAN BIRU INI.
  5. Untuk melihat Tutorial E Kinerja KLIK... TULISAN BIRU INI.
  6. Untuk melihat Tutorial Pendidikan / MySAPK KLIK... TULISAN BIRU INI.
  7. Untuk melihat Tutorial Umum KLIK... TULISAN BIRU INI.
  8. Untuk melihat Pembelajaran Kelas VI KLIK... TULISAN BIRU INI.
  9. Untuk melihat Kegiatan Siswa Kelas VI KLIK... TULISAN BIRU INI.
  10. Untuk melihat Kegiatan Siswa Kelas V KLIK... TULISAN BIRU INI.
  11. Untuk melihat Taman Bermain KLIK... TULISAN BIRU INI.
  12. Untuk melihat Buku Siswa K13 Kelas V SD/MI Silahkan KLIK... TULISAN BIRU INI.
  13. Untuk melihat Buku Guru K13 Kelas V SD/MI Silahkan KLIK... TULISAN BIRU INI.
  14. Soal PTS Kelas VI Semester 2 Mulok Bahasa Inggris Kurikulum 2013

Sebelum mengerjakan Soal Penilaian Tengah Semester (PTS) Mulok Bahasa Inggris Kelas VI Semester 2, laksanakan terlebih dahulu kegiatan dibawah ini!
Ber Do'a

Menyanyikan Lagu Kebangsaan Indonesia Raya.

Selamat Mengerjakan Penilaian Tengah Semester (PTS) Muatan Lokal Bahasa Inggris Kelas VI Semester 2

Nama Sekolah : SDN ............................
Muatan Pelajaran  : Mulok Bahasa Inggris
Kelas/Semester : VI (enam)/2 (dua)
Hari/Tanggal : ............................
Waktu                  : 90 menit
Nama                  : ............................

A.   General instructions

  1. First, write down your identity on the answer sheet provided.
  2. Check and read the questions before you answer them.
  3. First, answer the questions that you think are easy.
  4. Report to supervisor if anything is unclear.
  5. Ask the supervisor for paper if needed
  6. Check the work before submitting it to the rework supervisor

B.      Read the text below!

Carly’s Family

Carly has a large family. She lives with four people. She also has two pets. Carly’s dad is a doctor. He works at the hospital. He helps people who are sick. Carly’s mom works at home. She cooks for the family. She drives the kids to soccer practice. Carly has two brothers. James is ten years old. Scott is fourteen years old. Carly has two pets. Jinx is a small, black cat. Diego is a large, brown dog. Carly loves her family!

Answer the questions!
1. Where does Carly’s dad work?.
2. Who drives Carly’s brothers to soccer practice?.
3. How old is James and Scott?.
4. How many pets does Carly have?.
5. What are Carly’s pets?.

C.      Put a cross (X) on the correct answer.

1.       Java, Kalimantan, Bali, and Lombok are the names of...
A. Kingdoms
B. Islands 
C. Countries
D. Capitals

2.       Budi ... a football match on television.
A. watching
B. watchs
C. watch
D. watches

3.       Wati : "...."
Lina : "No, thanks. I can do it my self"
A. What do I need?
B. I can’t help you now
C. Can you help me?
D. Let me help you 

4.       What is the capital city of Bali?...
A. Sumba
B. Denpasar
C. Lombok
D. Flores

5.       My mother cooks meatball in the...
A. bathroom
B. dining room
C. bedroom
D. kitchen 

6.      Village in Indonesian is...
A. Desa
B. Kecamatan
C. Kabupaten
D. Negara

7.      There are ... days in a week.
A. five
B. six
C. seven
D. eight

8.      The opposite direction (compass) of ‘west’ is ...
A. South
B. West
C. East 
D. South East

9.       Muhammad Hatta was the first ... of Indonesia.
A. Vice President 
B. Regent
C. Governor
D. President

10.     Bandung is the capital city of...
A. East Java
B. Central Java
C. West Java
D. West Sumatera

11.     Father : "Would you mind helping me repair the radio?"
Rian   : "I’ll do it, Dad"
Father is ...
A. asking for help
B. refusing to help
C. rejecting help
D. giving help

12.     There are twelve ... in a year.
A. days
B. weeks
C. months
D. calenders

13.     I put your book on your table. The antonym of the underlined word is...
A. in
B. under 
C. beside
D. behind

14.     Who help a preseident?...
A. Prime Minister
B. People
C. King
D. Ministers 

15.     Sura and Baya lived in the different places. Sura lived in water and Baya ... on the land.
A. lives
B. lived
C. live
D. life

D.       Answer the questions below!

1. Health Minister in Indonesia is...
2. The Borobudur Temple is on ... Island.
3. Are these statements true or false? Correct those that are wrong!.
   "The taste of the Strawberry fruit is bitter"
4. Translate the sentences below into English!.
   "Ibu Kota Negara Indonesia adalah Jakarta"
5. How many months are there in one year?...

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